I have now been training to run the Berlin Marathon and the Chicago Marathon for three weeks. It has also been 42 days since I ran 43 kms in Japan to test my  then current level of fitness ( or lack of it). SO….so I should really be into things by now. Should be…..

Unfortunately this latest week has not really been much of a progression. My long run was not really long at all and my race in the country township of Berwick was pretty ordinary to say the least.But saying that steep Up hills and even steeper down hills over muddy broken ground are certainly not my thing. To say the least.


Total Kms run : 39 kms

Longest run : 12 kms ūüė©

Gym sessions : 3 times.

Weight: 66.7 km. Resting Heart Rate : 44. Blood pressure 131/87.

TRAINING PLAN CHANGE: I don’t think I am going very well so I am changing things around a bit. Instead of racing on Saturday and having a long run the next day I am thinking of doing my Long Run  on the Monday and taking it a bit easy on the Sunday.Further I think I will do my  mid week medium long run on Thursday rather than on Wednesday.

Will the above help….time will tell. If not,I will try something else.

I must be the world’s worst gate climber…..

BERLIN/CHICAGO Marathon Training: Week 2

I have now completed my second week of training in preparation for the Berlin Marathon in September and the Chicago Marathon two weeks after that.

My plan is to take things slowly and build my total kilometres run per week closer to race date.So far things are mostly going ok. I am struggling a bit and certainly not running particulary fast or even long.But that will come.

I am making a strong effort to take lots of rest.This is not easy for me as I always thought more was better. But that was in the 80s. Now I can see the benefit of taking ‘ rest’ days.


Total Kms run 44.5 km

Longest run 17 km

Races : one ( 6km)

Gym: 2 Sessions

TALE OF THE TAPE:  Weight 67.3 Kgm ( 148 pounds). Blood pressure 125/88 . REsting Heart Rate 45.

Weight up a little bit but I am working on what I eat and how much. Aim is to race at 66 Kgm ( 145 pounds) so really I should be able to make this in the next few month,especially when I get up to doing the long runs of 30 plus Kms.

This last pic is of me in the gym this Monday morning. Mondays are my rest days.Currently my long run is only 17 km so I don’t really require much recovery….however once I have doubled the distance my Monday rest day will play a bigger role.


23 weeks until the Berlin Marathon with the Chicago Marathon two weeks later.

My general plan is to start slowly and build up my longer runs.  Further plan is to get my weight down to 66 kilos ( 145 pounds) and gain a little more strength.I have now completed my first week. AS FOLLOWS:

Total km run : 43 km

Longest run : 15 Km

Gym sessions : 2

Personal stats : Weight 66.8 kilos : Resting Heart Rate 45 bpm : Blood pressure 115/79.



RACE: ON SATURDAY I will run a 6 km leg in a relay race for one of my Melbourne Clubs. Each week end there will be a race of some sort which I intend to compete in on behalf of The Old Scotch Athletic club or APS United.



I have devised a plan for my training for running the Berlin Marathon in September and the Chicago  Marathon two weeks later.

Nothing is set in stone and if this initial plan does not do the trick then I will modify and try something else.

This is what I plan to do each with various possible modifications should I need them.

SUNDAY: Long run.


TUESDAY: Hill running. If I don’t feel up to this maybe an easy jog or another rest day.

WEDNESDAY: Medium long run

THURSDAY: Track race with East Burwood Masters. If I decide not to do then I will do an easy jog.

FRIDAY: Rest day.

SATURDAY : Race with either Old Scotch Athletic club or APS Club.

If the Saturday race is harder than I would have liked then I may move the long run to Monday and make Sunday the first rest day.

IMG_1458MY plan is to start training next Monday….although that is scheduled as a rest day ūüėČ


Having gained selection via the lottery I intend to run the Berlin Marathon on September 24 th and two weeks after that run the Chicago Marathon.

Slightly less than two weeks ago my wife,Tamami,and I tested our fitness with a long run in¬†Japan¬†¬†Although¬†the weather had been reasonably cool in Tokyo ¬†during the week on the Sunday of our trial run it turned ‘ warm’ and sunny. Not¬†¬†to mention windy. Conditions¬†that neither of us like.

Our run did not go that well to say the least.We ran 43 km in a bit over 4 hours. Tamami suffered from leg cramps whilst I simply felt sick after about 35 km. I am still suffering from a sore foot but that is no excuse. I did wear light weight racing shoes….that probably was not a wise move.

Anyway even though the run was a bit of a failure it gave me an idea where I am currently at,fitness wise.ūüė™

I am now in Chicago and generally taking it very easy. I run each day but only 30-35 minutes.

On Sunday I will go back to Japan for a few days and then back to Melbourne and the Cross Country season.

APRIL 8 th is the first race of the Cross Country season. I don’t expect much but will ,as the saying goes,” just do it”.

TRAINING BEGINS….Monday April 10th.¬†

I will have 24 weeks to do some training for Berlin. Hopefully during that time I can get my weight down and at least reduce in part the pain in my foot when I run.







Berlin Marathon/Chicago Marathon

I am planning to run both the Berlin Marathon and the Chicago Marathon in September and October of this year,2017. As there is only a two weak break between races the task will be  a difficult  one for a 60 plus runner with a sore leg ,but, I think, not impossible.

This is my new blog detailing my journey.

PLAN: I leave my Australian home and go to my Tokyo home in Mid September. From¬†there I go to Berlin…run the Marathon….back to Tokyo. From Japan to Chicago…run the Marathon…back to Tokyo….back to Melbourne.Simple !