I have now been training to run the Berlin Marathon and the Chicago Marathon for three weeks. It has also been 42 days since I ran 43 kms in Japan to test my  then current level of fitness ( or lack of it). SO….so I should really be into things by now. Should be…..

Unfortunately this latest week has not really been much of a progression. My long run was not really long at all and my race in the country township of Berwick was pretty ordinary to say the least.But saying that steep Up hills and even steeper down hills over muddy broken ground are certainly not my thing. To say the least.


Total Kms run : 39 kms

Longest run : 12 kms 😩

Gym sessions : 3 times.

Weight: 66.7 km. Resting Heart Rate : 44. Blood pressure 131/87.

TRAINING PLAN CHANGE: I don’t think I am going very well so I am changing things around a bit. Instead of racing on Saturday and having a long run the next day I am thinking of doing my Long Run  on the Monday and taking it a bit easy on the Sunday.Further I think I will do my  mid week medium long run on Thursday rather than on Wednesday.

Will the above help….time will tell. If not,I will try something else.

I must be the world’s worst gate climber…..