I have devised a plan for my training for running the Berlin Marathon in September and the Chicago  Marathon two weeks later.

Nothing is set in stone and if this initial plan does not do the trick then I will modify and try something else.

This is what I plan to do each with various possible modifications should I need them.

SUNDAY: Long run.


TUESDAY: Hill running. If I don’t feel up to this maybe an easy jog or another rest day.

WEDNESDAY: Medium long run

THURSDAY: Track race with East Burwood Masters. If I decide not to do then I will do an easy jog.

FRIDAY: Rest day.

SATURDAY : Race with either Old Scotch Athletic club or APS Club.

If the Saturday race is harder than I would have liked then I may move the long run to Monday and make Sunday the first rest day.

IMG_1458MY plan is to start training next Monday….although that is scheduled as a rest day 😉

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