Having gained selection via the lottery I intend to run the Berlin Marathon on September 24 th and two weeks after that run the Chicago Marathon.

Slightly less than two weeks ago my wife,Tamami,and I tested our fitness with a long run in Japan  Although the weather had been reasonably cool in Tokyo  during the week on the Sunday of our trial run it turned ‘ warm’ and sunny. Not  to mention windy. Conditions that neither of us like.

Our run did not go that well to say the least.We ran 43 km in a bit over 4 hours. Tamami suffered from leg cramps whilst I simply felt sick after about 35 km. I am still suffering from a sore foot but that is no excuse. I did wear light weight racing shoes….that probably was not a wise move.

Anyway even though the run was a bit of a failure it gave me an idea where I am currently at,fitness wise.😪

I am now in Chicago and generally taking it very easy. I run each day but only 30-35 minutes.

On Sunday I will go back to Japan for a few days and then back to Melbourne and the Cross Country season.

APRIL 8 th is the first race of the Cross Country season. I don’t expect much but will ,as the saying goes,” just do it”.

TRAINING BEGINS….Monday April 10th. 

I will have 24 weeks to do some training for Berlin. Hopefully during that time I can get my weight down and at least reduce in part the pain in my foot when I run.








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